Children & Family Care Coordination Programs

Circare’s Children and Family Care Coordination Programs serve families with one or more youth experiencing mental health challenges. Circare Care Coordinators meet with participants in their natural settings—home, school, or community—and create individualized service and wellness plans that are implemented and monitored. The plans are based on goals that the child and family identify as important to them. Plans often focus on growth in the areas of mental health, physical health, social skills, family relationships, peer relationships, education, and use of leisure time and talents.

A key component of Children and Family Care Coordination programs is linking participants to community resources for both immediate and long-term support. In this manner, care is coordinated in a way that allows for the development of sustainable supports that can be maintained after the youth and family are no longer enrolled in
our services.

With the support provided by Children and Family Care Coordination programs, participants are often able to avoid or minimize emergency room visits, psychiatric hospitalizations, and out-of-home placements. When a participant does require hospitalization, efforts will be made to facilitate the earliest possible discharge.

Circare has both Intensive and Supportive Care Coordination Programs:

  • The Intensive Care Coordination Program utilizes a wraparound process that brings together a team of professional and natural supports who are committed to collaboration with the family. Facilitated by a Care Coordinator, the wraparound process strengthens the family’s ability to accomplish goals and manage crises as they arise. The program also includes the support of a Parent Partner. Circare Parent Partners have first-hand experience raising a child with a mental health challenge and, their role is to promote the parent’s confidence in their own skills and abilities, encourage advocacy, and provide direct assistance in a number of areas.
  • Circare’s Supportive Care Coordination Program emphasizes achieving goals that are of importance to the child and family. Individualized service plans and wellness plans keep participants on track and moving forward. Linkages to community resources for long and short-term support are offered through Supportive Care Coordination. Services are facilitated by a Care Coordinator.

Both programs utilize Collaborative Problem Solving, an evidence-based approach to assisting children with behavioral challenges. All Care Coordinators and Parent Partners are trained in Collaborative Problem Solving. To learn more about this approach, visit


  • Youth between the age of 5 and 18
  • Mental Health Diagnosis
  • Onondaga County resident

Referral Process

All referrals are processed by Onondaga County’s ACCESS Team by calling 315/463-1100. If the ACCESS Team determines that one of our programs is appropriate, a referral will be forwarded directly to Circare.

Hours of Operation

Hours are flexible and are scheduled with the needs of the family in mind.


Meredith Seeley
Supervisor of Wraparound Services
(315) 472-7363 ext. 236

Please note that in December 2016 our Care Coordination services will transition to Children’s Health Homes. Continue to watch our website for program updates as they occur!