Corporate Compliance

To Report A Compliance Issue

If you have a compliance question, concern, or complaint, please contact Circare’s Corporate Compliance Officer, Richard Hughes, at 315.472.7363 or rhughes(at)

If you prefer, you may report your compliance question, concern, or complaint by calling the Circare toll-free compliance Hotline, 844.241.6860, or visiting the Circare Hotline website. We use EthicsPoint (a third-party hotline system operated by NAVEX Global) for our Hotline reporting. All reports made through EthicsPoint are confidential. If you choose not give your name and contact information, your report will be anonymous.

Circare prohibits intimidation and retaliation against individuals who make reports in good faith. We will treat with respect and follow up on all reports we receive and work to improve our efforts as a result.


Circare Code of Conduct, Compliance Plan, and Policies

Interested in learning more about Circare's Compliance Program? To begin, please review the Circare Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct describes the behavioral principles that serve as the foundation of our Compliance Program.

Next, review the Circare Compliance Plan. The Plan lays out the major elements, structure, and procedures for our Compliance Program. Both the Code of Conduct and the Compliance Plan stress the importance of open communication about compliance issues and describe avenues for providing anonymous and/or confidential reports.

Compliance Policies:
- Compliance Program Non-Intimidation and Non-Retaliation Policy
- Fraud Prevention Policy