Our Brand

Circare became the new brand for Onondaga Case Management Services, Inc. in September of 2016.

Our Name


We take Cir from circle to represent the emphasis on the whole person and the idea of creating circles of support for our clients.


We use the word Care to specifically denote both the practice of care management that is the foundation of our organization as well as the myriad ways in which services are provided today—clinical care, crisis services, vocational, peer-based—and additional services that will evolve in the future.

These are the Circare Circles of Care℠.

Our Logo

Our new logo was intentionally designed to represent the notion of a person at the center of a community of care.

The figures in the logo represent a person surrounded by their support system, both personal and professional supports, and the integration of their care.

The circle denotes a focus on the whole person.

The colors symbolize the integration of the various components of a person’s health: physical, behavioral, social.

As a system, these ideas become our Circles of Care℠ that reflect how we approach providing meaningful help for those we serve.

Our Promise


We serve many individuals and families and work with many audiences. Our tagline serves to support the discussion and our efforts with each of these groups.

Integrating Health Services signals to the provider community, our community of service recipients, the community as a whole, and to our funding sources, CIRCARE’s fundamental goal of integrating health services to better support overall well-being.